Anti Ragging Squad

Name of the Committee Member Profession Address Activity Mobile Number e mail
Dr. D.Rama Subba Reddy Principal Govt Polytechnic for Women, Kadapa Chairman 9912342057 [email protected]
Sri. B.Rama Krishna Reddy SL/ECE Govt Polytechnic for Women, Kadapa Convener 9849544298 [email protected]
Sri. V.Rama Krishna Reddy SL/Civil District Court Member 9440383839 [email protected]
Sri. P.Bhaskar SL/EEE RIMS Police Station Member 9182654157 [email protected]
Smt. U.Rajya Lakshmi SL/CME Eenadu Member 9908057576 [email protected]
Smt. M.Sumathi SL/Pharmacy Bharata Ratna Mahila Mandali, Kadapa Member 9441667664
Sri K.Nagaiah Parent Govt Polytechnic for Women, Kadapa Parent Member 9704205045 [email protected]
Sri A.Mallikharjuna Parent Parent Member 7995350388
Miss S.Anusha Kumari Student Govt Polytechnic for Women, Kadapa Senior Student Member 9441417705 [email protected]
Miss G.Reddemma Student Senior Student Member 8463909833
Miss K.Manimala Student Kadapa Senior Student Member 9985802316 [email protected]
Miss V.Shobha Student Nandyal Junior Student member 9848189448 [email protected]
Miss G. Sucharitha Student Atmakur Junior Student member 9492286845 [email protected]
Miss V Mounika Student   Junior Student member 7093064382